We develop frontliners


“As a Medical Laboratory worker, we struggle to cope with the mounting pressure of the coronavirus outbreak. Here in Germany, we have the capacity to carryout up to 500,000 tests a week (PCR) but must increase the testing rate dramatically if we want to successfully manage the virus.
Our main bottlenecks are the staff which are less and the delay of supplies. There is also an increasing emphasis being put on antibody/antigen test that makes our workload even more.”

“Community quarantine and social distancing did not hinder Filipinos to look for ways to fight this pandemic. As healthcare workers, it did not stop us to continue providing what we are supposed to.
We are even doing it extra hard these days. I have been very supportive with the government in helping the community reach the goal in this fight. Not being a superhuman makes me think of the of what hardships and challenges have we been through.
I have to use my bike to go to work for the first 2 weeks of ECQ. When I was transferred to another hospital, a shuttle service was provided to bring us our work place.
I understand that we don’t have the best of the facilities but I can’t help but notice some overlooked practices which puts us in a place with a high possibility to get infected. But still it didn’t stop us to put our best foot forward to serve the Filipino community.
Medical Technologists are of high risk in contracting the virus because we are responsible for swabbing and testing blood samples of PUIs.
We, your frontliners, risk our lives and do our very best for the safety of our country. How do we overcome these trials and hardships? We pray as much as we can. We collect as much courage and strengths as we can and more importantly, we follow protocols. That is why we ask you to do the same
We stay at work for you. You stay at home for us.”

“As a long-time nurse in the emergency section, I am awed as the COVID 19 Pandemic unveils before me.
It has tested my physical and mental aspects as I am forced to choose between saving lives or protecting my own life and that of family.
But because of my MCU upbringing, decisions and willpower would always fall on my sworn oath as career and advocate of health and safety. The core values inculcate in me always serves as my guiding light especially in difficult times.
Thank you very much Manila Central University and to the College of Nursing for making me more of a warrior not aspiring for victory but fighting fairly with real compassion and concern even when I know that I am equally vulnerable as them.
I am honored to be serving at the frontlines as a Centralino Nurse.”

“As a Philippine Red Cross Staff who is responding and in the frontline of this Covid-19 pandemic, I fully understand that I’m putting myself at greater risk into this deadly disease.
In the past few weeks, we are at the forefront in deploying medical tents in different health facilities. We are on the move in providing masks and other personal protective equipment to priority facilities and institutions.

As we worked tirelessly amidst this crisis and away from our loved ones, health care workers are the only hope of the people in fighting this war. I always thought to myself that there should be action – selfcare and not fear.
I always take with me the courage and determination to help others, and my persistence to fulfill my lifetime commitment in public health. Our resilience is critical now, and I’m fortunate that I’m considered as one of the brave and unsung heroes of this time.”

“The feeling of uncertainty because of the global crisis, the feeling of losing hope, the fear of being infected and overthinking of the safety of your family – but with faith and prudence, I have seen the good side of it, that we, and Filipino spirit are resilient.
We have proven that teamwork is imperative to heal as one. I believe that with courage, perseverance and dedication we will triumph. Let’s flatten the curve as we are here to serve.
To risk our own lives so others may survive. Always forever proud to be a Centralino Nurse.”

“It has always been my dream to serve the Filipino people through public health service that’s why I chose to be a Public Health Nurse.
Being in the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, we are literally in the front lines in this pandemic as we are the ones who handle the cases, refer them to hospitals, monitor them, do contact tracing, collect specimen of cases and do reporting as basis for an accurate response.
Though we have been working non-stop for months already, I have been trained to adapt, be resilient and be the best that I can be in whatever situation I face and am at.
We work not just for the sake of working and accomplishing tasks assigned to us. We work because we want to help. We work because we want a better tomorrow for everyone.
We work because we do it for the people and for our nation. Para sa Bayan, mga Nurses ay lalaban.”

“Nobody expected that we would be in this situation, the crisis to be exact as what we are in now. It is something that we cannot avoid or get away from. It is a fact that not just our country but the world is not ready for Covid-19 pandemic.
In the middle of this health crisis, we have to face several challenges while fighting this virus. With no concrete plan, the Department of Health with the LGUs came up an algorithm as to how and when to identify and categorize patients in the community.
Manpower is also a problem that is why the schedule of skeletal forces to be assigned as medical health personnel frontliners was implemented for a more feasible, achievable, and realistic approach.
Personal Protective Equipment were also limited at this time that’s why healthcare workers ask for donations, some even resort to make-shift or home-made gear.
Despite all these, we are thankful for the donations given to us frontliners in the community. It somehow eases the burden of fighting this unseen enemy.”

“Being stationed in the community, there are several challenges that we are facing at this time of covid-19 pandemic.
The non-compliance of the community to the enhanced community quarantine and other health measures makes it difficult for us to slow down the transmission of the virus.
We need to be strict and consistent when it comes to implementation of guidelines on how can we minimize the spread of Covid-19. Despite all the challenges we face as community frontliners, our sworn duty to continuously serve our country far outweighs our fear in contracting the virus. “

“As an alumnus of MCU, integrity and perseverance in the workplace are predominantly observed. I truly dedicate myself to my job to deliver the best care for my patients by showing up on time and having strong moral principles at work.
Considering that I work in a Respiratory Ward converted into a Covid-19 response unit, it imposes a high risk of contracting the virus if PPE is not properly used.
Despite this frightening crisis, I do not show fear to my patients, but rather I continue to deliver safety and quality care until this crisis is over – facilitating perseverance.
I always put my heart into my work wherever it takes fostering true Centralino.”

“As a pharmacist, sa totoo lang nkakatakot kasi isa tayo sa mga frontliner sa community, yung exposure natin with PUIs and PUMs ay malaki. Out of stocks din madalas ang alcohol, masks, gloves at iba pang mga gamot for chronic patients dahil affected ang supply chain due to lock down. Half of our stores were closed kaya alternate days yung pasok and of course, sadly no work no pay din. Some are on forced leave.
Overcoming challenges is not easy but as a pharmacist, it is our duty to serve the community by providing optimum healthcare service to all of our patients while promoting safety to both our clients and colleagues.
Ngayon ko lalong na appreciate yung role natin as a pharmacist sa community bilang isa sa mga frontliners. Now people listen attentively and appreciate it more when I am doing counseling and advising them to take immunity boosters, vitamins, practice proper hygiene and social distancing. We also guard the hoarding of chronic medicines and protective supplies making sure to serve more patients everyday.
We prioritize the wellbeing of our patients and our teams, via Telehealth appointment by our clinics so patients will have a consultation with the doctor from the safety of their home and just deliver the medicines. Isa ito sa mga nakakatakot at nakakapagod na panahon para sa lahat lalo na sa mga frontliners. Hopefully, matapos na lahat ng ito soon. In Jesus Name. I pray healing and complete recovery for the world.

“In these trying times, we work 12 hours a day to serve our patients. I even worked twice for 16 hours duty due to lack of staff due to the enhanced community quarantine and travel suspensions.
Our workload in drug appropriateness review, dispensing and compounding are something else. There are times that we don’t eat during the whole shift but we have to endure it to serve our patients.
I have been staying here at the hospital for 3 weeks now since the lockdown in order to protect my family from the virus.
As a Pharmacist, we exercise judgement in validating medications for our patients. We show wisdom to the doctors on what we know about drugs. We are persistent in achieving the best medical care for our patients.
We do our best to procure and prepare a lot of medicine infusions for Covid-19 patients. After a stressful duty, we have to bounce back. We have to recover and replenish our strength and faith for our patients.
Our goal is to care and encourage our patients to have hope and faith at this time, especially to our Covid-19 patients. We cannot survive alone. We work as one in the Pharmacy Department to overcome the everyday challenges.
We have a lot support from inside and outside of our hospital, from non-government and government units.
We will conquer and win this battle by working together.”

“Amidst COVID-19, we are facing a new normal. The use of PPE in seeing our patients and in every procedure we will have.
Yes, everyone is scared, I am also scared. With this pandemic, everyone is exposed. As an anesthesia resident, we are exposed in every procedure we are doing, whether general or regional anesthesia, and mostly whenever we are intubating our patients.
In order for us to take care of them and deliver service, we have to protect ourselves with proper PPE. We cannot afford to lose our lives (many are quarantined), we also have families.
Fortunately, our institution is providing PPEs and our department, the Department of Anesthesia, is full support with this new normal.
Together, we will defeat this dreadful virus. We will all get through this in God’s grace.”

“As a Public Health Nurse, the greatest challenge that I encounter every day is serving patients in the community not knowing if they are already a carrier of the virus.
Not only our health is compromised but also the health of our family members. Every time we go home, we are worried for our families. But as a nurse, we took the oath to heal and protect our patients.
As a Centralino, I am now applying the values that I have learned, one of them is being nurturing to our patients. We have to show sympathy and concern to our patients, most especially now in this time of this pandemic. They need it the most.
I am doing my very best to serve for my fellow Filipinos and also our country. I am confident that we can beat this CoViD-9 because we Nurses are competent enough and we have this commitment to serve and protect the lives of our patients.
We don’t know precisely where this will take us, but we do know we can face it together and soon we can beat CoVid-19.”

“As a nurse working in a health center, the greatest challenge that I encounter every day is the shortage of medical supplies such as PPEs and alcohol. Interacting with patients not knowing if they are carriers of the virus, since some of them lie about their condition because of the stigma brings fear to us and our families since I’m living with my parents who are already a senior citizen.
But as a Centralino, my will and commitment to help in this crisis weighs more than my fear. As a nurse, I made an oath and I’m confident that I can be a part of the solution.”