College of Medicine


Manila Central University traces its roots to a review class for Pharmacy students in 1904.It eventually evolved to a school that responded to the need for private and non-sectarian teaching and broadens the access to college education in the Philippines.
For over a hundred years, MCU developed into one of the leading health science education and health service institutions in the country.
The MCU College of Medicine, established in 1947, then as now is dedicated to create competent and morally upright physicians who are equipped with proper understanding of essential habits, attitude and professional ethics. It is committed to prepare future physicians who have vital knowledge and skills in medical practice, research and postgraduate studies.
Today, the MCU College of Medicine has thousands of graduates in the medical profession, academe and community service in the Philippines and around the world. Among the country’s top medical practitioners and educators with complete clinical training facilities provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Doctor of Medicine

Medicine is a program where there is an integration of basic sciences and clinical subjects across all four years. Basic sciences are emphasized earlier while clinical medicine is given focus thereafter.

In the first three years, the students have interactive lectures, small group discussions, laboratory exercises and patient exposure during clinics. The 4th year is a twelve-month rotating clinical clerkship where the students have hands on exposure with patients.


To become a recognized center of medical academic excellence whose graduates are exposed to Holistic Education and Technology Based-Instruction, committed to integrity, perseverance and high quality in all undertakings responsive to the needs of the country and Global Village.


Develop students to be competent and morally upright physicians equipped with essential habits, attitudes and professional ethics, committed to improve the community health care systems responsive to national aspirations and global challenges through excellencein community-oriented medical education, clinical care, research and postgraduate studies.

Career Opportunities

  1. General Medical Practitioner
    (Physician in a Local Government Unit, School, Company and Community)
  2. Researcher/Medical Scientist/Inventor
  3. Health Professions Teacher
  4. Health Administrator
  5. Health Information Manager
  6. Health Economist
  7. Health Policy Maker

Student Organizations

  1. Medical Student Council (MSC)
    The Medical Student Council is the central coordinating body that serves as a liaison between the students, faculty and administration. Its officers are elected by the medical students of MCU College of Medicine.
  2. Other student organizations under the MSC and recognized by the College of Medicine
    • Gabay Medisina – Aims to develop among the medical students, the proper attitude and values necessary to serve others and promote a healthcare approach that is responsive to the need of Filipinos.
    • Upsilon Sigma Rho – USR is one of the longest standing confraternity in the MCU College of Medicine and is the only confraternity registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. The organization serves as a training ground for members to become holistic doctors by means of various exposure in medical and surgical missions and relief operations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.
    • Pax Romana – Aims to develop medical students who are made conscious of the cultural, religious, social and academic undertakings as demanded by their profession. Pax Romana, more than just a religious organization has the motto “Pax Christi in Regno Christi” or “Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ”.
    • Medici Omnes Duciens – Develops the social and academic awareness of a medical student. Members share common interests and views mindful of the need for a unified and responsive organization that is a representative of the aspiration of both individual and the whole.