The MCU Crest Award


Manila Central University and the MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation have produced thousands of graduates now in their respective fields with many contributing significantly to society as leaders and practitioners.

The MCU Crest Award honors the people who have contributed to the success of MCU and have made their mark in the fields of health and allied professions. They are individuals who have selflessly provided their time and effort to make MCU what it is today.




The opportunity to work at MCU and MCU FDTMF is a source of honor and pride. I have worked in the institution more than three decades, starting as an instructor in 1965 and inched my way to become Department Chair, Medical Director and Dean of the College of Medicine. The support of the administration, faculty, employees and friends has truly enriched my life immeasurably.

The most fulfilling experience I have had was the dedication and loyalty of our faculty and alumni. Against all odds, they have stood behind me in all my endeavors trying to work out solutions to our many concerns.

  • Medical Director, MCU Hospital (1985-1997)
    Dean, MCU College of Medicine (2002-2005)
    • Most Outstanding Pediatrician Award
      Philippine Pediatric Society 1986
    • Most Outstanding Catholic Physician Award
      Catholic Physicians Guild of the Philippines 2006
    • Outstanding Asian Pediatrician Award
      Asian Pacific Pediatric Association, Kuching, Malaysia 2012
  • President, Philippine Pediatric Society, 1980 to 1982
  • President, Catholic Physician’s Guild of the Philippines, 1992 up to 1999