The MCU Crest Award


Manila Central University and the MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation have produced thousands of graduates now in their respective fields with many contributing significantly to society as leaders and practitioners.

The MCU Crest Award honors the people who have contributed to the success of MCU and have made their mark in the fields of health and allied professions. They are individuals who have selflessly provided their time and effort to make MCU what it is today.



Dr. Mencias was a scholar at the Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry where he took up Pharmacy. He was a self-supporting student who finished his course and placed 2nd in the Pharmacy licensure exam in 1940.
In MCU, he was first a faculty member but became the Dean sometime in the 1960s. He became Vice President for Academic Affairs and was awarded the title Dean Emeritus. He was recalled by MCU in 1990 to serve as Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology.
He was the founding president of the Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. For his achievement and dedication to the Pharmacy profession, he was given an award by the Professional Regulations Commission.
Dr. Mencias was guided by the principle that one must love his work, stay where he is happy and serve to the best of one’s ability. He practiced the values of integrity and simplicity that he learned from Dr. Filemon D. Tanchoco, Sr.

  • former Manila Central University
    Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Dean, College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology
    • Dean Emeritus, Manila Central University
    • 2nd Place, Pharmacy Licensure Examination
  • M.S. Pharmacy, Manila Central University
  • B.S. Pharmacy, Manila Central University