The MCU Crest Award


Manila Central University and the MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation have produced thousands of graduates now in their respective fields with many contributing significantly to society as leaders and practitioners.

The MCU Crest Award honors the people who have contributed to the success of MCU and have made their mark in the fields of health and allied professions. They are individuals who have selflessly provided their time and effort to make MCU what it is today.



I consider it an honor to walk into a classroom and help students critically think about the world they live in. I consider it a privilege to help students achieve their dream of a college education.
Just knowing that you have helped a student in his or her educational journey is truly a reward enough. I am one of the fortunate people who goes home knowing that I made a difference in my community just by being a teacher.
My greatest reward is being a teacher.


  • Principal, Manila Central University High School and Grade School
    1957 up to 1981
    • Meritissimus – Master of Arts Major in Education
      University of Santo Tomas 1974
    • Principal Emeritus – Manila Central University
      November 1990
    • 30 Years Service Award – Manila Central University
      July 1976
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
    University of Santo Tomas (1946)
  • Master of Arts Major in Education
    University of Santo Tomas (1974)