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Teacher Education

Teacher Education of the Manila Central University firmly believes that the teacher constitutes the most important resource in the nation’s teaching-learning force. As such, they should be imbued with the ideals, aspirations, and traditions of a genuine Filipino. It is expected that they must possess the Filipino culture and should be equipped with the necessary pedagogical skills and abilities alongside an adequate and updated knowledge in their field in line with the university’s goal of providing relevant education.

The Teacher Education Department of the Manila Central University aims to develop teachers who will be effective agents in the realization of national educational goals and most importantly, in the transformation and development of people into well rounded individuals capable of eliciting positive change in society.

Specifically, it aims to develop teachers who :

  1. Recognize the important role of education as an effective agent of change thereby actively contributing to the realization of national and institutional goals;
  2. Believe in the core values of Manila Central University as to collaboration, adaptability,
    integrity, honesty, circumspect and commitment;
  3. Have a working knowledge and interest in the changing technology and apply the same skills for the improvement of life in the community.
  4. Show passion, dedication, and interest and faith in the teaching profession as a noble mission for service;
    Possess the knowledge and basic skills necessary to conduct research work and apply the research findings to help target beneficiaries and initiate improvement.
  5. Consider teaching and learning relevant by drawing subject matter from the needs and problems of the community as to the environment and ecology.


The Teacher Education of the Manila Central University offers three curricula, the Bachelor of Secondary Education(BSE) major in English, Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics, and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in SPED. All programs implemented the revised curriculum as per CMO 30, series of 2004, where all curricula have been enriched to provide students more knowledge in their areas of specialization.

The Teacher Education meets the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education for faculty members in the tertiary level to have at least a master’s degree. One hundred percent of the fulltime faculty of the College are holders of a master’s degree in their respective specialization; a few have earned their doctor’s degree, and the others, as part of continuing professional education, are pursuing postgraduate studies.

The BSE program aims to produce competent and effective teachers in the secondary level as it integrates theory and practice, providing students not only with the necessary academic skills but also with adequate and updated knowledge in the field of their specialization. Students are trained to develop the right attitude towards teaching specifically geared on the core values of the university.


The College of Teacher Education aims to equip students with skills and competencies to :

  1. Meet the needs of professional teachers for secondary schools for both public and private;
  2. Prepare secondary school teachers who are experts in their respective fields of specialization such as : English, Mathematics, and Special Education;
  3. Recognize the value of environmental protection as well as the needs and problems of the community so as to draw subject matter from them thereby making teaching and learning relevant and responsive to the needs of the community and the whole country;
  4. Possess the knowledge and basic skills necessary to conduct research work , and
    Apply the technological knowledge and principles of science towards the improvement of quality life.