Mission and Vision


Institutional Philosophy

As an institution of higher learning dedicated to academic excellence, MCU believes that men and women:
• value what is good,
• search for truth and knowledge, and
• strive to acquire a scientific mind and faculty of wise judgment.

Aligned to these convictions, MCU is committed to pursue relevant programs of studies to develop men and women:
• to attain maturity in the ability to use scientific problem solving methods of inquiry;
• to deepen their aesthetic sensitivity;
• to be committed and responsible participants in productive activities of society;
• to select and live by noble standards of value governing the choices of conduct;
• to have personal considerateness and attitude towards their dealings in life; and
• to value encounters beyond their material experiences and existence.


Sustain the leadership of MCU in health science professional programs through holistic education, technology-based instruction and research that is responsive to the needs of the country, region and growing global village.


Develop students to be well-rounded individuals who are more human, more humane, equipped with adequate knowledge and skills, and imbued with desirable personal traits, love of country and sense of public service and enable them to participate intelligently and actively in community and national development efforts through competent instruction, immersion, research and quality assurance initiatives.