School of Graduate Studies


The MCU Graduate School is one of the first schools in the country that offers graduate programs in education, pharmacy, business administration and nursing. It hones skills, knowledge, attitudes and competencies of students in their respective fields, preparing them to be research oriented and globally competitive. It provides opportunities to avail research grants to establish academic linkages with different professional organizations in the Philippines and around the world.


Doctoral Programs

  • Doctor of Philosophy Major In Educational Administration
  • Doctor of Education Major In Curriculum Management

Master’s Programs

  • Master of Arts in Education
    • Major In Curriculum and Instruction
    • Major in Administration and Supervision
      • Master in Business Administration
      • Master of Arts in Nursing
      • Major in Nursing Administration and Supervision
      • Major in Clinical Teaching
  • Master of Arts in College Teaching
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
    • Nursing
    • Medical Technology
    • Optometry
    • Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Optometry
  • Master of Science in Orthodontics

Student Organization

Graduate School Student Council
An organization responsible for the administration, management of academic-related activities and professional development of the masters’ and doctoral students.