College of Arts and Sciences


Develops individuals to well-rounded professionals with in-depth background on basic and advanced and health sciences


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • A four -year course that equips the students with the basic concepts and theories of the biological sciences and orientation in the conduct of research geared to contribute to the solutions for environmental problems. A graduate may become a researcher in science and clinical laboratories, field researcher in environmental studies, microbiologist, and an educator.

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • A four -year course that provides students with discipline and professional practice that contributes to national development through research and technical process aimed at solving social and behavioral problems. A graduate may become an industrial psychologist, psychometrician, and guidance and Counseling staff.

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education


Student Organizations

  1. Biology Society
    An organization of students who are interested in promoting biology as a scientific discipline that finds its application in everyday life.
  2. Psychology Society
    An organization of psychology students who promote the discipline through peer counseling, lecture-seminars, among others.
  3. Social Science Organization
    A society of students enrolled in Asian civilization that conducts academic exhibits in the campus and social sciences contests.
  4. Humanities Guild
    The organization of enthusiast in arts and letters that spearheads in the celebration of historical events.