College of Business Administration


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The college provides students with quality business education in keeping with national development goals and the quest for local and global competitiveness. It enhances the development of students into well-rounded professionals through the acquisition of trainings attuned to his field of specialization.

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Students are trained to become business consultants and accounting professionals.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Marketing Management
Equips students with skills in the marketing profession

Operations Management
Equips students with skills in managing a business enterprise

Student Organizations

  1. Junior Executive Management Club
    Enhances the knowledge and skills of members to make them well-rounded individuals and prepare them for their entry into the business world. The organization serves as forum to develop and harness the leadership potentials of its members.
  2. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy
    Upgrades the quality and standards of accounting students and promotes fellowship and brotherhood among accounting students in MCU and other schools.
  3. Junior Executive Marketing Society
    Unites marketing students and develops individuals by imbibing in them professionalism and social responsibility. The organization provides members with information, dissemination and feedback strategies.
  4.  Sports Club
    Develops students physically, mentally and morally through various sports and other related activities.