The MCU Crest Award


The MCU Crest Awards 2019

The MCU Crest Awards 2019

For over 115 years Manila Central University has built a track record of success and excellence. There are thousands and thousands of MCU graduates in the Philippines...

Face to Face with Gary V in MCU

Face to Face with Gary V in MCU

“My journey can show you more and make you know that like you, I do have had to go through things in life,” Mr. Gary Valenciano said in his “Face to Face”...

MCU partners with Chung Shan Medical University

MCU partners with Chung Shan Medical University

Manila Central University (MCU) and Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU) of Taichung, Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 31, 2019 in MCU Caloocan...

MCU – Indonesia international community linkage

MCU – Indonesia international community linkage

Indonesian students from Budi Luhur Institute of Sciences completed their immersion program in the MCU-adopted community Barangay Maysilo in Malabon City last May...

Japan-Philippines Science and Technology MCU Visit

Japan-Philippines Science and Technology MCU Visit

Officials from several hospitals in Japan and representatives from the Japan – Philippines Science and Technology (JPST) visited Manila Central University...

MCU graduate receives  Most Outstanding IT award

MCU graduate receives Most Outstanding IT award

Ferleen Claire P. Agulo, an MCU Information Technology student was awarded as one of the Most Outstanding IT Student in National Capital Region for school year...


Manila Central University and the MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation have produced thousands of graduates now in their respective fields with many contributing significantly to society as leaders and practitioners.

The MCU Crest Award honors the people who have contributed to the success of MCU and have made their mark in the fields of health and allied professions. They are individuals who have selflessly provided their time and effort to make MCU what it is today.



I have been privileged to be of service to MCU for the past many years where I grew and developed personally and professionally, thereby being able to contribute to the development of many young minds in MCU while in pursuit of the university’s mission and vision. My learning and experiences in MCU have enabled me to meaningfully contribute and influence towards the enrichment of groups and organizations outside of MCU.
I am very hopeful that MCU will continue its successful endeavors as an educational institution. May the 110th foundation of the university usher in more decades of offering quality education and produce world-class graduates.

  • Dean, MCU College of Nursing
    June 1997 to May 2013
    • 1st Place, 1963 Nurse Licensure Exam
      Outstanding Alumni
      MCU School of Graduate Studies Alumni Association 2009
    • Golden Service Award
      St. Claire Health Care Foundation, Inc. 1992
  • Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (ADPCN)
    An active member who performed various executive
    and operating positions
    1993 up to 2013
    • Doctor of Education with Distinction 2004
      Manila Central University
    • Graduate in Nursing with Highest Distinction 1963
      St. Paul School of Nursing, Iloilo (St. Paul University, Iloilo)



The opportunity to work at MCU and MCU FDTMF is a source of honor and pride. I have worked in the institution more than three decades, starting as an instructor in 1965 and inched my way to become Department Chair, Medical Director and Dean of the College of Medicine. The support of the administration, faculty, employees and friends has truly enriched my life immeasurably.

The most fulfilling experience I have had was the dedication and loyalty of our faculty and alumni. Against all odds, they have stood behind me in all my endeavors trying to work out solutions to our many concerns.

  • Medical Director, MCU Hospital (1985-1997)
    Dean, MCU College of Medicine (2002-2005)
    • Most Outstanding Pediatrician Award
      Philippine Pediatric Society 1986
    • Most Outstanding Catholic Physician Award
      Catholic Physicians Guild of the Philippines 2006
    • Outstanding Asian Pediatrician Award
      Asian Pacific Pediatric Association, Kuching, Malaysia 2012
  • President, Philippine Pediatric Society, 1980 to 1982
  • President, Catholic Physician’s Guild of the Philippines, 1992 up to 1999


When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. For me, it was not the absence of what to do but an overflow of things to do and not knowing how to get started but eventually getting things done.
Through the years the challenges in MCU had provided me the stamina and inspiration no matter how seemingly insignificant the accomplishment or outcome may be.

  • Vice President for Finance
    Manila Central University
    1992 up to 2007
    • Vice President for Administrative Affairs
      Manila Central University
      1986 up to 1992
    • Dean, College of Business Administration
      Manila Central University
      1984 to 1985
  • Master in Business Administration
    Dela Salle University
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
    University of the East
    1959 up to 1963



Dr. Mencias was a scholar at the Manila College of Pharmacy and Dentistry where he took up Pharmacy. He was a self-supporting student who finished his course and placed 2nd in the Pharmacy licensure exam in 1940.
In MCU, he was first a faculty member but became the Dean sometime in the 1960s. He became Vice President for Academic Affairs and was awarded the title Dean Emeritus. He was recalled by MCU in 1990 to serve as Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology.
He was the founding president of the Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. For his achievement and dedication to the Pharmacy profession, he was given an award by the Professional Regulations Commission.
Dr. Mencias was guided by the principle that one must love his work, stay where he is happy and serve to the best of one’s ability. He practiced the values of integrity and simplicity that he learned from Dr. Filemon D. Tanchoco, Sr.

  • former Manila Central University
    Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Dean, College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology
    • Dean Emeritus, Manila Central University
    • 2nd Place, Pharmacy Licensure Examination
  • M.S. Pharmacy, Manila Central University
  • B.S. Pharmacy, Manila Central University


I consider it an honor to walk into a classroom and help students critically think about the world they live in. I consider it a privilege to help students achieve their dream of a college education.
Just knowing that you have helped a student in his or her educational journey is truly a reward enough. I am one of the fortunate people who goes home knowing that I made a difference in my community just
                                                          by being a teacher.
                                                          My greatest reward is being
                                                          a teacher.

  • Principal, Manila Central University High School and Grade School
    1957 up to 1981
    • Meritissimus – Master of Arts Major in Education
      University of Santo Tomas 1974
    • Principal Emeritus – Manila Central University
      November 1990
    • 30 Years Service Award – Manila Central University
      July 1976
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
    University of Santo Tomas (1946)
  • Master of Arts Major in Education
    University of Santo Tomas (1974)



The MCU Crest Awards will inspire and build the confidence of Centralinos. For alumni, administrators, faculty members, employees and students, this recognition will help uphold MCU’s greatness.
I share this award with the people who truly supported me in accomplishing the tasks that contributed to MCU’s remarkable developments, most especially to
                                                          the College of Optometry in
                                                          achieving CHED’s
                                                          Center of Development
                                                          distinction and the PACUCOA
                                                          outstanding level of accreditation.

  • Dean, Manila Central University College of Optometry
    1994 to 2010
    • Outstanding Optometrist of the Philippines
      Professional Regulation Commission (2009)
    • Outstanding Dean
      Manila Central University (2008)
    • 7th Place, 1976 Optometrist Licensure Examination
      Professional Regulation Commission
  • Chairman, Technical Committee for Optometry Education
    Commission on Higher Education (2007-2010)
  • Accreditor, Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities
    Commission on Accreditation (1999-2010)
  • Chairman, Optometry Council of Deans (1999-2001)
  • Spearheaded the Revision of Philippine Optometry Law (1985)
  • President, Manila Optometric Society (1985-1987)
    • Master of Science in Optometry
      Manila Central University (1995)
    • Doctor of Optometry
      Manila Central University (1976)



It has been 60 years since I left the portals of MCU although I never felt that I have ever left. It is because MCU has been embedded in my system, having my mother who herself graduated from MCU 88 years ago.
I feel so blessed and will ever be grateful to our school, the administration, my colleagues, the alumni and of course the students who are keeping MCU alive

  • Head, MCU Department of Ophthalmology (1968-70)
    Assistant Dean, MCU College of Medicine (1969-70)
    • Associate Professor and Professor
      MCU College of Medicine, Ophthalmology (1967-70)
    • Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology
      MCU College of Medicine and Far Eastern University School of Medicine
    • Assistant Professor and Associate Clinical Professor
      Ophthalmology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (1970)
    • Emeritus, Clinical Associate Professor
      Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
      Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (1999-2000)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Emeritus, Retina Society
  • Past President, Association of Philippine Ophthalmologists in America
  • Honor Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology (1986)
    • Doctor of Medicine
    • MCU College of Medicine 1954 (Magna Cum Laude)
    • Winthrop-Stearns Scholar (1953-1954)



Dr. Jaime M. Aquino was the only dean who concurrently occupied the positions of Deanship, Hospital Director and Chairmanship of Surgery.
Dr. Aquino is a renowned surgeon who once held the presidency of the Philippine College of Surgeons and the International College of Surgeons – Philippine Chapter.
As a recognition of his expertise as an educator, MCU FDTMF
                                                         conferred on him the honor of
                                                          Professor Emeritus on July 6, 1985.

  • Former Dean, MCU College of Medicine
    and Medical Director, MCU Hospital
    and Chairman, Department of Surgery
    • Outstanding Service Award and Golden Scalpel Medallion
      International College of Surgeons
    • Member of the Hall of Fame
      Philippine College of Surgeons
      and International College of Surgeons,
      Philippine Chapter



    For almost thirty years, I have been part of the MCU family and I consider it a privilege to be of service to MCU particularly in the line of delivering the message of God and administering the Sacrament of the Eucharist. I have made acquaintances with the administration, staff and students. I know that sound values and administration runs in the blood of this university. I would daresay
                                                              that my experience in MCU has
                                                              added a special imprint in my
                                                              growthas a priest.

    • Chaplain, Manila Central University
      • President, Eucharistic Heart Foundation (1998 up to the present)
      • Episcopal Vicar, Malolos South District (2009-2013)
      • Vice Chancellor, Diocese of Malolos (1985-1987)
      • Parish Priest, La Purisima Concepcion Parish, Santa Maria, Bulacan
        (2013 up to the present)
      • Perfect of Discipline, Immaculate Conception Major Seminary
    • A.B. Classical, University of Santo Tomas
      1977 Cum laude
    • B.S. Theology and M.A. Higher Religious Studies
      University of Santos Tomas
      1985 Cum laude
    • M.A. Public Administration
      Post-Graduate UST Ecclesiastical Faculty
      UST Graduate School



    I was with the best people during the Bench Book Accreditation of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation in 2010. As a result, the MCU Hospital was granted with the highest PhilHealth accreditation, the “Center for Excellence” award. Our efforts were rewarded as it took us several years to study PhilHealth standards and how to effectively apply these to our hospital.
    We are guided by the words “Do it                                                           right the first time around and
                                                              all the time,” and “Doing right                                                           even when no one is watching.”

    • Head, Quality Assurance Unit
      MCU Hospital
      Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
      MCU College of Medicine
      • Prudencia P. Arribas Award recipient, April 2003
        For her commitment, patient, perseverance and dedicated service to the College of Medicine as Chairperson of the Department of Family and Community Medicine contributing to the realization of its mission for students and the community.
      • “Protective Effect of Vitamin A in Diarrhea of Children 1-5 Years Old”
        • Won 1st prize in the Annual Research Contest of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians
        • Recipient of Research Grant of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)
        • Published in the Filipino Physician (a quarterly journal of Philippine Academy of Family Physician
    • Doctor of Medicine April 1989
      MCU-FDTMF College of Medicine
    • Master in Public Health April 2004
      University of the Philippines Open University



    This recognition means so much to me as this will serve as my tool to strive more and continuously give my commitment for excellence in my duties. With this also, I hope to inspire and motivate others to carry on the institution’s vision and mission.I share this honor to the men and women of the Department of Radiological Sciences and Diagnostic Imaging. I am proud to say that I am working with the best team and                                                           this is the fruit of our collective effort.

    • Radiologic Technologist Supervisor
      MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation
      • Most Outstanding Employee – Supervisory Division
        MCU FDTMF 2014 Foundation Day Celebration
      • Most Outstanding Employee – Paramedical Division
        MCU FDTMF 1998 Foundation Day Celebration
      • Graduated as Gold Medalist Awardee for Academic Excellence 1988
      • 7th Placer (87%), 1988 Radiation Health Service Proficiency Examination
        Department of Health for Medical Radiation Technology
    • Chairman, MCU FDTMF Unit Heads Organization (2001-2003)
    • Member, MCU FDTMF Hospital Waste Management Committee
      • Associate in Radiologic Technology (1985-1988)
        Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College



    Thirty six years ago, there was so much joy in my heart when I was accepted to work as Accounting Clerk in this institution. More so, when I was given the opportunity to teach in the College of Business Administration. The trust and support that I received from management pushed me to be dedicated and passionate in my work. To my fellow employees, always do your best in performing your tasks and serve selflessly as well.

    • Internal Auditor, MCU Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation
      • Outstanding Supervisor, MCU FDTMF
    • Chairperson, MCU FDTMF Unit Heads Organization
    • Faculty Member, MCU College of Business Administration
      1988 up to 2004
    • Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
      1987 up to 2010
    • BSBA Accounting
      University of the East


    A young Loring Reyes had not a clue about what her life would be when she graduated in 1951. After all, the barrio lass just wanted to become a nurse, not dreaming of anything greater. But perhaps by a stroke of luck, every new step of her career proved to be leagues beyond her wildest ambitions.
    This honor is just as much mine as it is to those who have graciously guided me along the way.


    • Hospital Administrator
      Sacred Heart Hospital – Southwestern University
      Cebu City (1988-1991)
      Dean, College of Nursing, Southwestern University
      Cebu City (1987-1988)
      • Gintong Ina Award for Medicine and Allied Science (1999)
      • Class Rank No. 1, MCU College of Nursing (1951)
    • Masters of Arts in Education
      Southwestern University, Cebu City (1976)
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
      Manila Central University (1951)


    My academic years in MCU strengthened my resolve to be the best in what I wanted to be. It inculcated the values I thought I didn’t have and taught me to lead and be a man for others. MCU developed the discipline in me to pursue higher levels of learning so I could be in a position to do more.
    The journey towards professional excellence does not end with this recognition. This award will further inspire me to strive harder and continue to surpass boundaries. As a way of giving back to the institution to which I owe the most, I shall engage in meaningful undertakings in order to make a difference in other people’s lives.

    • President, Vision Science Institute
      Director, Philippine Olympic Committee
      and Philippine Sports Commission
      Sports Vision Center
      Member, Technical Committee on Optometry Education
      Commission on Higher Education
      • Outstanding Optometrist of the Year
        Professional Regulation Commission (June 2000)
      • Most Outstanding Optometrist of the Year
        Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists (IPAO), Inc. (1998)
    • National President, IPAO (1994-1995, 1996-1997, 2007-2009)
    • Chairman, Technical Panel for Optometry Education
      Commission on Higher Education (2000)
    • National Coordinator for Philippines
      International Association of Contact Lens Educators, Sydney, Australia
      1994 up to 2005
    • National Coordinator for Philippines
      International Centre for Eye Care Education, Sydney, Australia
      1998 up to 2003
    • Founding Chairman, Institute for Advanced Optometric Studies (1994-1996)
      • Bachelor of Laws, San Beda College (2010)
        Dean’s Honor List, San Beda College of Law (2009-2010)
      • Master in Entrepreneurship, Asian Institute of Management (2000)
      • Doctor of Optometry, Manila Central University (1986)
        Most Outstanding MCU Optometry Graduate (1986)

    “Being given the chance to serve my Alma Mater is a privilege. Being given the recognition for my hard work is an honor.
    My pursuit towards sharing what I have learned from my years of continuing education ushered me to go back to MCU. I hope, in my own little way I could pay back to the institution that served as my cradle for learning.
    I fervently hope that MCU will continue its legacy to be of service to our fellowmen, providing not only quality education but also a humble home for its constituents.”

    • President, Asian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
      Council Member, International Association of Oral
      and Maxillofacial Surgeons
      • Chairman, Philippine College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons,
        Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
        2013 up to the present
      • Associate Professor, MCU College of Dentistry
        2012 up to the present
      • Chairman, Dental and Oral Medicine Department
        De Los Santos Medical Center, Quezon City
        1999 up to the present
      • Manila Doctors Medical Center, Manila
        Courtesy Staff, 2002 up to the present
        Vice Chairman, Oral Medicine Department,
        February 2012 up to the present
    • Fellow and Past President
      Philippine College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
      1994-1995 and 2004-2005
    • Fellow, International College of Dentists
    • Chairman, Philippine College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
      Board of Regents 2007 up to 2011
      • President, Philippine Dental Association 2005 -2006
        Awarded by Professional Regulation Commission as
        Outstanding Accredited Professional Organization for 2006
      • President, Manila Dental Society 2002-2003
        Awarded by the Philippine Dental Association as
        Outstanding President for the National Capital Region
      • Outstanding Alumni, MCU College of Dentistry
        December 2008
      • Outstanding Alumni, Manila Central University
    • Doctor of Dental Medicine
      Manila Central University, 1982
      Awarded Best Clinician in Oral Surgery
    • Postgraduate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
      Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
    • Postgraduate (2nd) Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
      Aichi-Gakuin, School of Dentistry, Nagoya, Japan

    “High School in MCU prepared me well in the long road where I am today. It has taught me the basics of leadership and teamwork. High School in MCU made me experience successes and frustrations, as well as how to deal with these. Some of my mentors in High School continue to flash in my mind, when I am confronted by situations that they taught how to deal with.”

    • Chairman, Board of Directors
      Philippine National Railways
      April 2014 up to the present

      • Assistant Governor
        Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
        June 2010 to January 2013
      • Executive Vice President
        State Properties Corporation
        February 2005 to May 2007
      • Vice President for Corporate Affairs
        Leighton Contractors Philippines, Inc.
        2002 to January 2005
      • Vice President for Property Management
        San Miguel Properties Philippines, Inc.
        1994 to August 1999
      • Professorial Lecturer in Management
        University of the Philippines, Manila
        October 1999 up to the present
      • Member, Board of Trustees
        University of the Philippines Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Diliman
        February 1999 up to the present
      • President
        University of the Philippines Alumni Engineers
        January up to December 1999
    • Outstanding Achievement Award for Government Service
      Given by the UP Alumni Engineers
      November 2012
      • Master in Business Administration
        University of the Philippines
      • BS Mechanical Engineering
        University of the Philippines
      • High School and Grade School
        Manila Central University

    “It was a fruitful and rewarding experience that I studied in MCU. I consider myself as a homegrown talent that led me to become a successful scientist.
    Stay focused and continue to strive for excellence in your field of specialization. Then share your knowledge to everyone and always have your feet planted on the ground.”

    • Manila Central University
      Dean, Graduate School
      University Lead Researcher
      • former Manila Central University
        Director, Research and Development Center
        Chief, Laboratories and Clinics
    • FAPE Scholar (1998-2006)
    • DOST-PCHRD Grantee (1998-2006)
    • Most Outstanding MCU Medical Technology Alumni (2002)
    • Some published works:
          New Study Shows That Plastics Are Biodegradable, PCHRD Journal
          Biodegradable Plastics From Soil Bacteria, Philippine Daily Inquirer
    • MCU Research Journal, Editor-in-Chief (2010)
      • PhD in Biological Sciences (Bene Meritus)
        University of Santo Tomas
      • M.S. Microbiology (summa cum laude)
        University of Santo Tomas
      • B.S. Medical Technology
        Manila Central University





    “I will continue to be active in the public health sector doing scientific researches to help end one of the neglected parasitic diseases in our country.”



    • Post-Doctoral Research Associate Research Unit on
      Advanced Preventive Medicine
      National Research Center for Protozoan Diseases
      Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
      Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
    • Young Investigator Travel Award Recipient (2013)
      Japanese Society of Veterinary Parasitology
    • Award of Excellence (2012)
      National Research Center for Protozoan Diseases Laboratory
      of Advanced Preventive Medicine
    • Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers
      Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Award No. P14088)
      April 2014 – March 2016
    • PhD in Animal and Food Hygiene
      Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
      Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
      2009 – 2012
    • B.S. Medical Technology
      Manila Central University
      1997 – 2001